Vickie Schultz


In a session...

What is the Emotion Code?

It is when we have trapped emotions from our life events, stored in our physical body. They can cause pain wether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. I identify the emotions and help you to release them. Allowing your own body to heal it self. Letting go of your trapped emotions that are holding you back.

What is your heart wall?

Our hearts are where we feel love. When we have trauma that effects our love space, we can build a wall to protect it from pain. This is called a heart wall. It protects us but it can also keep us from feeling connected to our life and others. The longer it is there, the deeper it effects you on body and spirit levels. Removing it allows you the freedom to change your life.

Some possible issues to work on…


· Public Speaking Fear

· Confidence Issues

· Social Anxiety

· Procrastination Issues

· Spiritual Connection

· Blocks

· ​


· Self-Abuse

· Emotional Abuse

· Sexual Abuse

· Suicidal Concerns

· Relationship Issues

· Relationship Traumas

· Experiential Traumas


· Addictions

· Negative energies

· Getting Over Someone, Something, etc.



· Anger Issues

· Fear Issues

· Anxiety Issues

· Depression 

· Grief

· Heart Ache

· Humiliation Issues

· Discouragement Issues

· Self-Abuse

· Nervousness

· Low Self-Esteem

· Panic Attacks

· Getting Over Someone, Something, etc.

· Sugar Addiction

· Any Addiction

· ​


· Any Physical Pain

· Pregnancy Issues

· Fertility Issues

· Weight Issues

· Knee Issues

· Allergies

· Fatigue

· Indigestion

· Teeth Grinding

· Headaches

· Vision Issues

· Kidney Issues

· Migraines

· Jaw Pain

· Chronic Fatigue 

· Arthritis

· Heart Issues

· Sleep Blocks

· Hearing Issues

· Memory Issues

· Back Pain

· Eczema

· Asthma

· Skin rash



· All of the issues may be addressed to children. They respond incredibly fast  to stored emotions.

· Often treated issues:

· Eating Issues

· Bed wetting

· Confidence Issues

· Social Anxiety

· Sleep issues

· Study and Learning Blocks

· Fear



· Emotional and physical issues including the above can be addressed with animals. They, like children, are more pure and therefore faster to treat. Amazing results can happen with one treatment.

· Dog

· Cat

· Horse

· Any animal