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Reading $95.00
45-60 minute session
Aura reading, questions, and healing. Making some sense of your life.

House Healing $125.00
60 minute session
This helps to release any negative energy/occurrences. Get communication and bring your home/office into present time. Restore and renew your environment.

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Just a note to update you all with what I have been doing. Well, I am now enjoying my 15th year as a massage therapist. I have been so blessed to have such a rewarding job. My work as a massage therapist has really opened my eyes to the passion that I have for helping people in their healing process. I want to thank all of you for letting me assist you with this. I’ve really enjoyed my massage work and the other paths that have opened up to me as a result.

My newest adventure has been traveling down a spiritual road. I have taken various classes which have helped me increase my awareness of another healing ability that I have through psychic readings and healings. I have completed a 2-year intensive clairvoyant program, and am continuing studies in psychic work. I am now entering my 5th year in this field. I have seen so many amazing things that it is really hard to put into words the changes I have seen in myself and others. To be able to see peoples’ lives change with the communication they receive from a reading…for them to find understanding and healing…is a gift for all of us. The level of healing that can happen in a reading is very humbling to witness. And now I can offer my readings to you.

Another type of healing work I do, which is very similar to a reading, is a House Healing. I have had the opportunity to participate in many different house healings and have learned the value of this very special type of healing. This also involves my psychic abilities through “reading” the energy of a house. I’m in awe of how different a house is after the healing. There is a peaceful, light atmosphere. The harmonious feel of a house is something everyone should experience. We take care to clean our houses but there is a spiritual level we don’t address. It really is an important step. You spend so much of your life at home, it truly is worth giving it a healing…

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you. I want to continue to help in ways I know how.  Life is an adventure, enjoy it… Vickie 

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